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Landing Page Optimization, how to now if you’re doing it wrong

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Almost every company that wishes to succeed in online businesses have dedicated a lot of money for web optimization, and a branch of it is creating a Landing Page in which paid traffic such as Pay Per Click search marketing campaign, Google Adwords, Banners, Sponsorship Graphics, Promotional Emails, Blog Posts and Affiliate Links are sent. But it doesn’t stop there, a Landing Page must be able to convert those visitors into customers. The Landing Page must have a single goal set of which it will imply on every visitor to accomplish, either to have them buy or avail the product/service you render, or atleast get them to register on your newsletter for updates that may lead to future transactions.

Seems easy doesn’t it? But it is rather more complicated as it looks, many companies have spent a lot of money for these kinds of optimization and yet very few are able to fully achieve this goal. Yes, you can find thousands of articles in the internet revealing lists of things that you must do to ensure 100% conversion ratio, but bear in mind that there still is no concrete way securing that your landing page is at 100% performance simply because the internet and its market is dynamic, it gradually changes so the factors changes too.

Beware of black propaganda; it’s probably often that you stumble upon campaigns in which you are offered to enrol on a short course revealing tips and ways that will get your sites converting performance to the roof. Well some of them are legitimate and some of them are not, so before you take their offer, be responsible enough to research. As I’ve said earlier, you can them free if you only know where to look.

Enough of that, let’s get back to the main topic and discuss some mistakes that you’re unaware of doing which results to your Landing Pages poor conversion:

Allowing the fish to escape right before you get a hold of it
This scenario happens when you decide to put up navigational links on your Landing Page, such as menus. Yes, this very simple factor can affect your conversion. It has been proven that giving your visitors an escape route will have them clicking away from your site before they even get the chance to read more of what you offer. So avoid setting up navigational menus on your landing page, and better yet have your call to action button the only link to be seen on your Landing Page, this will ensure that your visitors won’t get out of your site without doing what you wanted them to do.

Putting up a Bad Headline

Take note that the Headline is a big factor if you want to have a great Landing Page, your headline should be brief, to the point, informative in a sense that even in only a few words it would be able to let your visitors know what your page is about or what it offers. An effective headline should be able to arouse your visitors intrigued and keep them interested and hungry for more. With this they would be subconsciously forced to read more of your content in search of what more could they find interesting on your Landing Page. Bear in mind that your visitor’s curiosity and interest is the lifeline of your transaction, once they lose it and navigate away from your site then it means you failed.

Failure to keep a single goal

A lot of studies have proven that having too many goals and setting up to many choices for your visitor would set them in a state of confusion and worst they will end up with not being able to make any choice at all. So in contrast to this, have your Landing Page designed with a single goal and repeat it every now and then, persistence in a good manner can be rewarding. Check every major part of your content and make sure that they point out to your goal, make sure that your visitors realize what you aim for and make them do so.

Bad Aesthetics and Visual Effects

As we all know, having an appealing Landing Page will result to more conversion and having a poor looking Landing Page would result to minimal conversion or worst no conversion at all. Have your Landing Page neat and professional looking, as this would be a plus to your conversion rate. Most of all a neat and well maintained looking Landing Page would look more credible than a crappy looking Landing Page, credibility is also a major factor in every Landing Page because it assures your visitors that they are safe by transacting and giving out their personal information to you.
To make things simple and precise, let me tackle some tips and hints that you may follow to ensure that your Landing page is neat and attractive enough:

Avoid using small fonts – Bear in mind that older people already have reading difficulties so be kind enough to set up a font that can easily be read and understood. Font size of 10 below are un-advisable, also make sure that you pick the right font color.
Avoid putting up too much ads – Yes, ads are good but you no longer need them on your Landing Page and besides it might make your Landing Page look like a cheap wet market if you put up so many of those.

Avoid long lines of texts – Of course texts are the body and soul of your Landing Page, but make sure that each paragraph only consists of no more than 3-4 lines of texts as this would look more appealing and your site won’t look boring enough to be disregarded.

Replace some texts with Pictures/Images – Take note that a single picture can equate to a thousand words if used and placed properly, it would also make your Landing Page more lively.

Heavy Website

Be sure enough to check your Landing Page every once in a while, make sure that your website isn’t taking too long to load because most people are not patient enough to wait for a website that takes too long to load.

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How To Download Landing Page Design Templates

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Here’s how to download your landing page after payment have cleared.

1. Login to your account here.

2. Click on the “My Downloadable Products” link on the left as seen on the image below.