Things to know before creating a Landing Page

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I’ve previously discussed some points that needed to be considered before you are able to create and design a great Landing Page, now let us move on to the more technical part in which is the content and how it should be written to match with your beautiful template/design

Setting your Objective

This is the first and most important step in creating your Landing Page, be sure enough to have a single goal set up. Most Business Objectives answers problems that your customers have, impart it to your site so that they can feel refuge by doing business with you and show them that you have the answer.

Think like your Audience

Know who your target audience are, put yourself in their shoes and know their questions so that you’d have a clear idea of how you will be able to provide them a concrete answer or solution.

Wear the same brand

Whenever visitors come to your page via an ad, it should also follow that they must see the same brand/logo of the ad which they clicked, fail to do so and they might think that they’re in the wrong place. This can also be applied in the overall design theme, have your Landing Page the same look with your ads.

Sort your Audience

It is very important to determine and classify your audience, know if they’re housewives, teen-agers, businessmen, this will enable you to come up with strategies which would be more appealing to them based on their category.

Competitive Analysis

Run a background check of whom will be your competitor’s, visit their site and check out what they don’t have or perhaps what they missed and put it in yours. Doing so will enable you to create a page wherein you have something that most of your competitors don’t.

Using the right image

I advised you during the previous post about having images in your contents right? Well if you did, have different images of the same goal available and during deployment try to change them from time to time, analyze how it affects your conversion and decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete.

Determine if your Primary Message was being perceived

Gather some data, let other people read your content and ask them whether they get a hang of what your content is trying to say, if it fails to do so rewrite your content once more.

Pay Attention to Button Color

Button colors can affect your conversion rate too, so be mindful to check and test which colors equate to more conversion. Studies have shown that Red is the best color to use in your button, but at the same time it also represents stop, in contrary to that it is also advisable to use Green for it represents Go. And because of the recent emergence of a very successful social network themed Blue, blue buttons also became a rising trend.

Focus on your Strong Points

Obviously no one would bad mouth their own product so focus on your strongest points and keep them above the fold, show them that your products rock and yet stay on the ground, this way you will be able to showcase your product in a safe level that it wouldn’t seem like too good to be true.

Keep your fields to a minimum

It is always best to keep your fields to a minimum, having more fields to be filled up will also mean that you posses more risk of losing your customers.

Don’t ask for what you don’t need

Never ask for what you don’t need, keeping your visitors too long in the form section will generally piss them off away from your site. It is mostly enough to ask for a name and email for your campaign.

Have your Landing Page an inviting look

When I say inviting, keep it neat, professional looking and not cluttered. Having things in a more organized way will lead to good aesthetics. Having good spacing will also make your content more organized.

Have a definite font and size

It is very advisable to use only one to two types of font in your landing page, font sizes should not be lower than 10 for it can be unreadable for visitors who has eye problems or poor visioned. The colors should also be considered and be responsible enough to check if they can be read with ease.

Tell them what awaits them

Have a portion wherein you can tell your visitors what they will gain from your offer, this will motivate them to fill out your forms and transact with you. It’s as if letting them smell the dish and mouth water before finally handing it over to them on a silver platter.

Clear Call To Action

It is best to have a Call To Action button wherein it includes full phrase of what will happen once they click on the said button rather than the very traditional and information lacking “Click Here” or “Go”.

Use proper and professional words

Keep in mind that your running a business here, so be wary of your manner of typing, review your vocabulary and avoid unprofessional words such as Kick-Ass, Sweet, and other street words that never run out of trend. Show them that you’re educated enough to be trusted.

Keep them on track

Don’t give your visitors any escape route for they will use it as soon as they see it.

Have it checked

After completing your Landing Page, it is a must to have a checklist in order to know if you’ve skipped on something, or perhaps if you’ve forgotten something important.

Have it Viewed

Have someone skim through your whole Landing Page and them interview them, ask what the goal of the page was, how it affected them, which parts did stick to their mind. This will give you a clear idea of which tings should be emphasized more.

Landing Page Optimization, how to now if you’re doing it wrong

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Almost every company that wishes to succeed in online businesses have dedicated a lot of money for web optimization, and a branch of it is creating a Landing Page in which paid traffic such as Pay Per Click search marketing campaign, Google Adwords, Banners, Sponsorship Graphics, Promotional Emails, Blog Posts and Affiliate Links are sent. But it doesn’t stop there, a Landing Page must be able to convert those visitors into customers. The Landing Page must have a single goal set of which it will imply on every visitor to accomplish, either to have them buy or avail the product/service you render, or atleast get them to register on your newsletter for updates that may lead to future transactions.

Seems easy doesn’t it? But it is rather more complicated as it looks, many companies have spent a lot of money for these kinds of optimization and yet very few are able to fully achieve this goal. Yes, you can find thousands of articles in the internet revealing lists of things that you must do to ensure 100% conversion ratio, but bear in mind that there still is no concrete way securing that your landing page is at 100% performance simply because the internet and its market is dynamic, it gradually changes so the factors changes too.

Beware of black propaganda; it’s probably often that you stumble upon campaigns in which you are offered to enrol on a short course revealing tips and ways that will get your sites converting performance to the roof. Well some of them are legitimate and some of them are not, so before you take their offer, be responsible enough to research. As I’ve said earlier, you can them free if you only know where to look.

Enough of that, let’s get back to the main topic and discuss some mistakes that you’re unaware of doing which results to your Landing Pages poor conversion:

Allowing the fish to escape right before you get a hold of it
This scenario happens when you decide to put up navigational links on your Landing Page, such as menus. Yes, this very simple factor can affect your conversion. It has been proven that giving your visitors an escape route will have them clicking away from your site before they even get the chance to read more of what you offer. So avoid setting up navigational menus on your landing page, and better yet have your call to action button the only link to be seen on your Landing Page, this will ensure that your visitors won’t get out of your site without doing what you wanted them to do.

Putting up a Bad Headline

Take note that the Headline is a big factor if you want to have a great Landing Page, your headline should be brief, to the point, informative in a sense that even in only a few words it would be able to let your visitors know what your page is about or what it offers. An effective headline should be able to arouse your visitors intrigued and keep them interested and hungry for more. With this they would be subconsciously forced to read more of your content in search of what more could they find interesting on your Landing Page. Bear in mind that your visitor’s curiosity and interest is the lifeline of your transaction, once they lose it and navigate away from your site then it means you failed.

Failure to keep a single goal

A lot of studies have proven that having too many goals and setting up to many choices for your visitor would set them in a state of confusion and worst they will end up with not being able to make any choice at all. So in contrast to this, have your Landing Page designed with a single goal and repeat it every now and then, persistence in a good manner can be rewarding. Check every major part of your content and make sure that they point out to your goal, make sure that your visitors realize what you aim for and make them do so.

Bad Aesthetics and Visual Effects

As we all know, having an appealing Landing Page will result to more conversion and having a poor looking Landing Page would result to minimal conversion or worst no conversion at all. Have your Landing Page neat and professional looking, as this would be a plus to your conversion rate. Most of all a neat and well maintained looking Landing Page would look more credible than a crappy looking Landing Page, credibility is also a major factor in every Landing Page because it assures your visitors that they are safe by transacting and giving out their personal information to you.
To make things simple and precise, let me tackle some tips and hints that you may follow to ensure that your Landing page is neat and attractive enough:

Avoid using small fonts – Bear in mind that older people already have reading difficulties so be kind enough to set up a font that can easily be read and understood. Font size of 10 below are un-advisable, also make sure that you pick the right font color.
Avoid putting up too much ads – Yes, ads are good but you no longer need them on your Landing Page and besides it might make your Landing Page look like a cheap wet market if you put up so many of those.

Avoid long lines of texts – Of course texts are the body and soul of your Landing Page, but make sure that each paragraph only consists of no more than 3-4 lines of texts as this would look more appealing and your site won’t look boring enough to be disregarded.

Replace some texts with Pictures/Images – Take note that a single picture can equate to a thousand words if used and placed properly, it would also make your Landing Page more lively.

Heavy Website

Be sure enough to check your Landing Page every once in a while, make sure that your website isn’t taking too long to load because most people are not patient enough to wait for a website that takes too long to load.

Landing Page Template Optimization and Secrets

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If you are someone who has a company or even just a small website on the internet, then you are most probably aware of the Landing Page and its importance to your business. Landing Pages are built in order to convert more visitors into potential customers in which is very important to those who pay for their traffic.

But bear in mind that having a Landing Page up and running won’t instantly boost your sales, there is more to be done such as optimizing your Landing Page, Testing its performance, Updating and Maintaining its content. Although there were no certain steps and concrete ways in order to ensure that you can achieve a great Landing Page, here are some tips that are proven to give your Landing Page a boost and in the best state:

Simplicity is the best policy

Special Effects and Flashy Looking websites are cool, but the thing is it takes too long to load up and this can have a very big effect to your Landing Page’s conversion rate. How? Well if you think about it more thoroughly you can easily divulge that most people who use the internet are not willing to spend too much time for any website that takes too long to load up, you must be aware that even small details such as these can have great effects on your Landing Page.

In terms of the framework itself, it is advisable that your paragraphs must only contain at least two to three lines of text, and make sure that your fonts are to the right size, make sure they’re readable.

Indicate what your Landing Page is About

It is best to have a clear and noticeable Headline in your Landing Page, this will help your visitor’s know what your Landing Page is about, it will also ensure them that they’re on the right track and that they will find out what they’re looking for if they scan your Landing Page more.

In terms of the Headline Itself, make sure that it gives off a great impact that will last on the minds of your visitors. Make sure that it will be the first thing they will recognize, give it a Bigger and a different font from the rest of your content.

Avoid Pop-ups and other disorientating schemes

Do not use pop-ups for they can be very annoying, remember that your visitor’s patience serves as the lifeline of your transaction, get them irritated and sure enough they’ll navigate out of your Landing Page without second thoughts.

You can also use bullets and banners that contains what they will gain from your offer, this will keep them interested and mouth water.

Call To Action

Have a clear Call to Action in which indicates what you want your visitors to do, make sure that you indicate what will happen if they click on the said button or link. A Click Here call to action doesn’t always apply and a much more specific sentence would merit more points than that.

The Form

Remember what I told you about keeping your visitors interest and patience in check? Well this also applies to the Form Section of your Landing Page, always note that you lose 30% of respondent for every field that you put up on your Form. Make things easier for them by pre-filling some fields, and only ask for the things that are really needed for the transaction to be made.

You must also ensure your visitors that any information you get from them would be treated with utmost confidentiality and won’t be leaked elsewhere. Putting up security seals will also increase their confidence on transacting with you because they will feel secured.

Testing, Reinforcing, and Updating

Have a regularly based schedule to Test your Landing Page, and then gather all the necessary data required to see what needs to be changed and improved. Reinforce every part of your Landing Page so that any part will be optimized to its fullest. Update your Landing Page, remove those which are not necessary and add what are needed for greater results.

Having a scheduled Maintenance would also help in terms of your Landing Page’s Performance, you can quickly fix anything that gets broken, keep your promos updated and non working links removed.

Optimized Landing Page Design Practices

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Is the specific webpage where visitors are redirected whenever they click an ad, or a result from any search engine. They are just the same as any other websites that you can find on the web, except for the fact that they are made for the sole purpose of gathering and converting more visitors into potential customers.

Landing Pages are a must have for those who pay for their traffic such as banner ads, sponsor links, traffic exchange or pay-per-click because they don’t want any visitor that they paid for to leave their site without signing up or buying anything.

Different Parts of the Landing Page:


Since it has been proven that most people who browse internet websites tends to look from the upper left hand side first and then at the left side of the page, it would be advisable to set up an appealing headline. It should be able to catch the visitor’s attention and make them interested to see more of your website’s content.

A good Headline is something that causes great impact on your visitors, here are some of the words which can help you in creating a good Headline:
Start your Headline with eye catching words like Free, Amazing, Simple, Unique, Easy.
Make sure that your Headline stands out, give it a bigger font and a different color from the rest of your content.

Point out the strongest and most powerful benefit of your product or service in your Headline, this will enable the visitor to clearly understand what you are offering and what they would gain if they take their time to read more of your website’s content.

A Slogan, A Catch Phrase, or An Irresistible Offer

After displaying your flashy Headline, make sure to add more fuel to the fire in order to intensify your visitor’s curiosity and interest by showcasing additional benefits that they can avail. A great example of doing this is by telling them how your product can either change or improve their lives, how they can be safer, how they can save time and money, how they can avoid trouble and worry. It all depends on your style of approach, just bear in mind that you should be answering why they should buy your product or service.


Are one of the most powerful persuaders, it has been proven that readers like to read bulleted lists thus taking advantage of this can greatly alter your results. Bullets are also great arousers to the readers, but you must keep in mind that you should not include every bit of information on you bullet list. Do not reveal everything in order to keep them interested, because some of the readers would quickly get out of your site once they find out everything they needed to know. Just like in fishing, you need to know the right time to pull the fish out of the water.


This is one of the hardest things to accomplish in almost every Landing Page, since most of your visitors don’t know who you are it would seem quite impossible for them to trust you. But here are some guaranteed tips that would ensure you do so:

Include a short List of your Company’s Awards or Achievements.
Show them real details regarding your Personal Information.
Show them the credibility of your product, service, and website.
Provide proof that your product can really accomplish what you just declared previously.
Give them special offers such as Free Trials, or Money Back/Satisfaction Guarantees.
Set-up a section wherein previous customers can write their own testimonials upon purchasing or availing your service.


The specific area where the visitor would input some details in order to prescribe or avail the benefits you offer.

Make sure that you only ask for what information is really needed, most visitors won’t have the time to fill up the forms for too long.

Pre-fill some of the fields of your form so that it would be easier for the visitors to finish up.
Ensure your visitors that any information you get from them would be treated confidential and won’t be leaked anywhere else.

Include Certifications so that the visitor can see that your website is certified and well secured.

Call To Action

It can either be a Link inside the content or a Submit Button inside the Form, this would indicate what you want the visitor to do.

Avoid using the “Click Here”, but rather have a complete phrase of what you want them to do or indicate what will happen if they click the link or button. Be precise even if it would take more than three to four words to elaborate.

Set a Deadline to avoid customer temporization.
If your website is too long, make sure that a Call To Action is always visible whichever part the reader/visitor is in.

Make it stand out, like the Headline it is necessary to be seen and recognized quickly.

With all these parts discussed let us now move on to the Design or Appearance of your Landing Page. Aesthetics has always been a great factor for almost everything, how your Landing Page looks would definitely affect your results. Here are some tips to optimize your Landing Page Design.

Be consistent with your theme, colors, and pictures. Most visitors would look for any similarity on design with regards to the previous webpage or ads they clicked on the next page that they would be redirected to, if ever they won’t find one they would feel misleaded and quickly leave.
Avoid too much distractions, make your Design simple yet appealing.
Avoid too much visual effects, for it makes you website heavy. Most visitors won’t wait for a website that takes too long to load up.
Make your texts visible enough, and avoid using Font Size lower than 8.

If you followed all these tips then you’re all set up, but wouldn’t it be nice if you would take additional work in order to thank your valued customers properly? Show them that you appreciate the time and effort they gave. Have another webpage in which you would do all these, plus it can also be a chance for another transaction. Upon the Showing your gratitude, include or show them other limited offers that would make them interested once more, one that they can’t resist as if it is a once in a lifetime chance and if you would be successful on doing so both party will end up with a bright smile on their face.

Visit our landing page templates for more optimized landing pages.

Principles to a Better Landing Page Design

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Landing page is the page of you website wherein the visitors arrive at and after clicking on a link. It can be your home page or in any page of your site. Your landing page should be the best of what is it. You should go beyond the expectation of the visitors or customers. Give them what they are looking for and you will have an audience. Just be careful to give many distractions in the form of links because you might lose them. They might be confuse and find other landing page. To have a successful web page designs you should know this four basic components: Research; Design; Copy and Testing and Modification. Research this can help your landing page more reliable and be trusted. The designs is the second thing, without this your site will not be able to get an audience, in designs; you should be simple and make it easy to use. You should have your back up, and it should be tested before you pass it, modification always there, if the customers want to change or want to edits or add something on a landing. It should be editable.

Know you visitors, knowing your visitor is the most important to a successful landing page design. Getting to know what your visitors really needs is not easy. You must know what they really want specially what they are looking for. On that you can able to create a landing page design. This is only the first stage of what you really need to do.

Getting to the roots of your visitor, Know what they like, get some information, come up with the questions, this may help you to your landing page success.

Who is the potential customer you want to attract to your page?

Why would your customers choose your product or service?

Why your customers choose your company over your competitors?

What are the top five reasons customers buy the type of product or services you offer?

What are the top five objections that stop customers from buying the type of product or services you offer?

How much money are customers willing to spend in a single purchase?

What timeframe does it usually take for as customer to place an order?

Is your product easy to explain and use it is more complex?

If all of those questions will have answers, your landing page designs will be a successful one.

The image, be careful on what graphics, images you are going to put or add at your design. It must match to what your topic is or it must be balance, the color scheme and different image that you want to put on should be related. The customer might be confused on what they will see and instead of clicking it they will click away and find what they want to other landing page. Make sure that the appearance of your landing page design will attract customers. It’s one the best assets of your page. Next is the content of your page should be interesting for the customers or viewers.

Value proposition, this time you should know your content, and it should have originality and should be your own. You visitors will base on your content and it may let them decide to do business with you. It must be interesting and attention buzzer.
Give visitors what they are looking for. You need to make sure that the information and expectations are correct, this is important for your promotions. This will make sure that they will not go or search to other landing page and just stay on your page.

Consistent message, this make your per clicks increase, they expect to see more and new updates of what your landing page have.

Remove distractions, make your page simple and not crowded, this can make your customer or visitor click on your page. Simple page can be more attractive than to the page who are many designs.

Don’t ask too much of your visitors, this might lose your visitor or customer, the less you ask question the less chance to change their mind. And if possible you should understand very well what they really want, just focus on what they are requiring you to do.

Don’t get carried away, just be simple and make your web site easier to use and make sure it will load fast because might not wait for your page to completely load. Remove the different effects or images moving on your site, they might be destruct. Put only the info and the designs that are only needed, and match with your content. Don’t be exaggerated on your page. Visitors only want it simple and easy to use.

Build their trust, you cannot trust a person you ever meet or never been see, this is an online transaction, how can you get the trust of your visitors or customers? Show your credibility. This will make a foundation that you and your customers basis. This can help you to have more customers.

Privacy, from the word privacy, customer wants it private. Make a privacy policy that is easy to understand and to use. You need to create a safeguard for their information. Promise them that all their information and privacy will be protected and guarded.

Testimonials, this can help you to catch audience, if some reads it they are surely like to go doing business with you and this may speak with your service benefits. This serves for you as a promotion on their own experience with your site and work. Testimonials can give you the good feedback. This can be seen by other viewers and be your foundations to go and on.
Satisfaction guaranteed, give them the warranty of your products, and make sure that they understand your warranty or satisfaction policy. You can try to give them 30 days trial of your product, for them to know that your product is not risky and it’s risk-free.

Landing Page Template Suggestions

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We would like to thank all of you for your support of our landing page templates. And we would like to improve our templates by asking for your opinions, comments or suggestions. If you feel that we should create designs on a particular niche, please kindly leave a comment below or contact us. We would gladly like to know your thoughts and help you succeed.

We also have our custom design services. Please visit our portfolio of landing pages if you are interested in a landing page that specific to your needs.

How To Download Landing Page Design Templates

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Here’s how to download your landing page after payment have cleared.

1. Login to your account here.

2. Click on the “My Downloadable Products” link on the left as seen on the image below.


Tools We Use For Landing Page Designs

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Designing compelling and effective landing pages require some tools to be good at this craft. Here are some of the software tools we use and grew old with. Giving us the results you see today.
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Minisite Templates – Editing & Uploading

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Here is a screencast on how to edit the text image in minisite templates. And also how to edit the html to add the new headline text and as well as uploading to your site.

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How To Upload Landing Page Templates

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We have been receiving some emails about how to upload landing page templates bought from our store. Though this might seem to be an easy task. It wouldn’t hurt to help out customers. Here is a screencast on how to do just that.

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